HomeStars Award

Bulldog Sealing and Asphalt Repair is the proud recipient of the
2022 HomeStars Best of Award.

What’s HomeStars?

HomeStars is a free online service to help homeowners find verified and community-reviewed home service professionals for their home improvement needs. HomeStars is Canada’s largest network of verified and community-reviewed home service professionals.

What are the HomeStars Best of Awards?

The Best of Awards are HomeStars way of recognizing the businesses, in the Homestars network of over 99,000 Canadian home service professionals, who demonstrate consistency, professional integrity and unparalleled customer service. In addition to recognizing the companies’ hard work and dedication to their trade, the main goal of these awards is to help homeowners hire community-approved pros quickly and confidently. 

HomeStars’ Best of Awards have been awarded every year since 2009 to celebrate pros who stand out from the pack when it comes to their commitment to excellence. They are the pros who deliver top-notch customer service, have built themselves an excellent reputation and go above and beyond customer expectations.

What sets Best of Award winners apart from other companies on HomeStars?

HomeStars has thousands of companies who do great work, but not all of them are going to be Best of Award winners. HomeStars reserve the Best of Awards for the best of the best – companies that go above and beyond in every aspect of their business. HomeStars winners such as Bulldog sealing and asphalt repair recognize the importance of relationship building, homeowner trust, and accountability.

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